Whats Operator: What Operator Are Your Contacts?

Again we bring you to Xataka Android a curious and useful application which in this case is designed to make us save in our mobile phone bill. The application is called Whats Operator, is Spanish development and is only valid for use in our country and Spanish operators.

Its function is simple, Discover which operator they belong your contacts so you can save according to the rate that you have. We can see this information by looking at the image that appears to the left of the contact with the operator to which it belongs and decide if send you an sms, call, or update the information if we know that it has changed from operator.

The application do not use the method of the calculation of prefix, that it is not valid to afford carrying the same number between companies, so it is 100% reliable. For its operation it requires that we have Android 2.0 or later versions. In addition it should be noted that it is not free, and has a cost of €0.99, available for download from Android Market.

To see how the application works, I leave a catch:

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