Google Maps Navigation Information of The Traffic (But Not in Spain)

Google has just released an update to its Google Maps application that makes the part of navigation keep in mind the traffic when calculating itineraries. This makes it very easy to avoid traffic jams and reach the destination in less time.

However has a stick, and also very large. It is only available for countries in which Google Maps show the State of the traffic and Spain, unfortunately, is not one of them. Just take a look at the map of Europe to see that that is only available in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Finland and Hungary (I hope not to let me none).

We hope that Google put the batteries and provide us This wonderful service in our cities, of course it would be a perfect complement to one of the best browsers that are on the market.

Update: Like many comentáis, it seems that in some major cities in Spain there is traffic information, which is displayed in the application Navigation, but not in Google Maps in the traffic layer. They must be in evidence.

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