Sandals for Wedding in the Summer: Tips, Photos

Marriage is a very important moment in a woman’s life, so it’s only natural that she worries about the look to look beautiful on her’big day’. The  dress is the highlight of the production, but it does not fit the look alone. The bride should also be concerned with the choice of accessories, especially the shoe.

The  shoe chosen for the look  depends a lot on the personal style and the dress. Factors such as season and time of ceremony also influence the definition of the model. Anyway, jumpsuits, anatomical and comfortable, are still the favorites of women who are about to go to the altar.

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Tips for the bride to choose the sandal

Check out the following tips of sandals for getting married in the summer:

  • Summer is marked by high temperatures, so it is important for brides to choose  fresh, comfortable, open- toed  sandals. Closed shoes do not match the hot season, as they cause sweat and compromise on the day of the wedding;

If the bride wants to put on a basic look, she should choose a  classic sandal, that is, in white color and without many details;

The  bride’s sandal  does not necessarily have to be white, on the contrary, it can adopt another color to make the look more sophisticated and charming. Among the main options of tones, it is worth mentioning the metallic ones, like copper, gold and silver sandals; here at inkomtrends you can get more different models of the footwear.

  • In case the bride does not like to jump, she can opt for a low sandal, that is, the famous little skirts. This alternative puts comfort first and combines with wedding ceremonies held in the field or on the beach;

Brides looking for a more sophisticated look should bet on sandals with details. These pieces can be decorated with ties, application of crystals, stones, glitter, lace, tacks, among other elements;

Summer is marked by warmth and joy, so it pays to add  colorful sandals to the wedding look . These pieces, with bright and bold colors, have become a real fever in the United States and now they are coming with everything to Brazil. The colorful sandals are perfect to make up the look of the daring and modern bride;

  • If you want to wear a sandal of a different color, but without drawing so much attention, you should bet on nude tones that are fashionable, such as peach and light rosé;
  • Brides who are getting married in the field or on the beach, but still do not want to get off the heel, should wear Anabela sandals.

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Pictures of sandals for summer wedding

Here’s a selection of  photos of sandals to marry in the summer:

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