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Wigs and artificial hair are great to try out a whole new look and a new hair color.

Hair pieces are good for a more natural look, because they are less conspicuous. You can install they super and simply in elaborate hairstyles and creating hairstyles with wow factor. Here at stylishtacoma you can get more different models of the hairstyles.

Who is experimental, should use times colorful hair pieces or extensions from Asia. Eh you are compulsory for cosplayers.

Who wears wigs and hair pieces just for fun, need to buy no human hair. Human hair I recommend all the not so beautiful reason no or very little own hair have and do not want that you see. The tips here apply primarily to synthetic hair, but in the end, a wig is a wig, of course.

Also my articles for sale and to the selection of a suitable wig or hair piece for you. Before so something you don’t, you need not continue reading here.

Wigs for to Styling

If you to want to style a wig, she should have long straight hair. Ever denser is better for the styling, the hair of a wig.

The number of hair braids, that has been processed to your identified a wig hair density. You can see that the best inside of the wig. Weft (also known as wefts) are ready “hair series” that are sewn to the wig network.

Hand-knotted wigs consist not of braids, but which are extremely expensive.

Qulitativ have better wigs, to hide the inner workings of the wig and allow styling to a head fake. A great scalp imitation other vertex can be drag and design the right hairstyles.

Wig Styling Accessories

For the common styles of wigs and hair pieces, you should have your own accessories. Who rarely use with synthetic hair, must look like he manages favorably with existing.

You get the slightly fancier things on line, cheap on ebay or slightly more expensive in the shops with hairdressing. There is the rest in every corner drugstore, if you don’t already have it:

  • Big wig head from styrofoam, possibly with bracket
  • Wig stand (or a glass bottle)
  • Large pins to stuck the wig on the wig head
  • Wig brush
  • Handle comb for sectioning and Back combing
  • Hair scissors and thinning scissors (there about ebay sensationally cheap as set directly from Asia)
  • Hair dryer
  • With extra strong hold hair spray
  • Hair clips
  • long ponytail wig color
  • Water thermometer
  • Hair curlers
  • Wigs styling gel
  • Wig shampoo or baby shampoo
  • Air conditioner-wigs

Cut Hair

Synthetic hair is cut so just like natural hair, as you know from the Salon. First you downwind your wig or the part of the hair on the wig head. Then you put up your hair in sections upwards and work through from the bottom in the neck layers top yourself. For a stepped cut, you cut each layer always somewhat shorter than the underlying.

Cut hair ends diagonally from the bottom up. You know the technique from the Salon. Next time maybe look closely, how he does it. Cut with the scissors, the tips have all different lengths, like naturally growing hair.

For synthetic hair you take expensive Hair scissors no way, you’re ruining the friends so.

Synthetic Hair to Style

Art hair are malleable, when heated. To take a hair dryer or hot water, which does not boil (at 90 degrees). You can be cool synthetic hair into the desired shape, it retains this structure until the next wash. Note that not every synthetic hair can withstand heat. The better the quality, the better you can style.


To smooth out curls, you downwind the wig / the hairpiece on the stand or a bottle, the hair to hang freely.

Then you pour 80 ° C hot water in. You can check the temperature with a water thermometer for the kitchen or bath water. Or just with good judgement.

When a wig pour water up on the synthetic hair, but in the length of the hair. You can otherwise damage the scalp imitation or permanently remove the volume of hair at the base.

Allow to dry in the air.


The wig/hair piece is back on the stand or the bottle.

Then you wrap the hair on simple roller without Velcro adhesion. Now pour hot water over the winder until the hair is completely wet.

Allow to air dry completely, then out turn the winder.

Styling With Hair Dryer and Hair Spray

With the hair dryer, the heat can muster better than with hot water and so it forms small sections.

The section of hair with hair spray fog.

Then bring in the desired shape / hold on it with the hair dryer. Only a few seconds heat fiber at the lowest level and with caution. Up to 90 degrees, the most synthetic hair is not damaged.

Allow to cool briefly. Repeat if necessary.

Complex Styles

You need hair ties for braids and updos. The cutting up and binds it to the hair.

Synthetic hair can be to braids weave is quite normal, like normal hair. In almost all the articles of Oktoberfest hairstyles in this blog, we have used hair pieces, we have woven or otherwise integrated into the hairstyle.

For spikes or protruding strands you cut off very obliquely the spikes, so that it pointed to. Then secure with wig gel or hair spray.

If I am entering the vintage styling part of the blog in the Rococo, I will try me of Mary on stark substructures made of wire a. I’ll link it here.

Wigs Compress and Extend

The compacting of a wig is not difficult, but it takes a while. To do this you need to sew additional cloth in between the existing braids wig. Braids you can buy ready, from loose extensions do it yourself or out away from another wig.

In the area of the head skin imitats to pull small sections with the needle in the skin imitation and seal on the inside with heat.

Look out for when purchasing a loose extensions to that Kanekalon or another synthetic fibre with the same structure as the synthetic hair for your wig. Jumbo braids are for example very frizzy and suitable only for dreadlocks or braiding a.

Fix Accessories

If you attach something to the wig you want to not sew as for example a Lady Gaga hair bow, you have to the wig network, hair! You can attach to hair clips or a simple Fascinator light accessories.

Fix heavy and large accessories best on a headband, so that they rest securely on the head. You can attach the headband under the wig and then sew the accessory from the top through the hair to the headband.

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