Sophisticated Details for Men

The Back To The Sophisticated Details

Who Never Wore These Accessories It’s Time To Learn To Use.

But nothing to match tissue with the tie and not parade of shiny cufflinks.

The chic is now giving a casual air of sophistication.

Modern Retro And Not Old Is Sound.


Are back in collections of tailoring. Descombinando with the costume or accompanying the suit (costume with the three pieces).

Promotes all kinds of men and “disguise” the volume of the stomach.

Can be discreet, in the same fabric of the jacket in formal or fancy format in colors or fabrics, giving prominence to the set.


Even with the popularity of the buttons on the cuff links resist as personal touch or status.

To use the cufflinks shirt has double handles, called French. Here at ALLCITYCODES you can get more different clothing accessories modes.

But forget shiny cufflinks.

The most chic have old style (like jewels of inheritance), in acetate, in silver or gold with original designs or as silk button color, standing out of the set.

Until recently it was not easy to find cufflinks in Brazil. The way was roll thrift shops, traditional men’s stores or abroad (including in Uruguay and Argentina). Currently any men’s formal wear shop sells cuff links.

The jewelry stores also are investing in this sophisticated accessory.

This touch of sophistication can be used even with shirts without jacket.


White scarves were already used as garnish and utility (to wipe away the sweat and the nose) since the Nineteenth Century, but it was the ‘ 1950 they have acquired importance appearing as sets in various formats in the pocket of the jacket of the modern era.

In the years 70 won matching prints and colorful tie.

In the Decade of 80 became fundamental in any male costume to quickly disappear in the next decade.

Now released, but number one rule is to never try to combine the handkerchief.

There are several ways to fold a handkerchief. Customize your.

Drawing 1-TV (Popular In 50 Years)

2-Design Tips

Collar Clamp

It was just the designer Tom Ford showed up with a collar clip for this accessory turn cult again.

From the years 1920 to collar fasteners, also called bonnets, became common items in the dress of men, especially in the United States.

Called by there “Pin” or “Collar Collar Bar” function is to unite the two ends of the collar of the shirt, passing underneath the tie.

In addition to prevent the collar of the shirt stay screwed up, the collar clip values and points out the tie.

To wear cool accessory requires small collars and can never be used in collars buttoned.

Tie Clip

Use at the time of the fourth or third shirt button, more or less twenty centimeters below the knot of the tie

The catch must be the size of the tie or at least 3/4 (three-quarters) of the width. As the most modern has slim format (skinny) the current clip should be small.

Tie fasteners add sophistication to clothes, so don’t mix casual look.

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