HTC Finally Will Not Update Your Desire HD a Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Yes, than no, you never decide, HTC! Go fabric with official confirmations of some of the companies most popular manufacturers, as in the case of the Taiwanese company: that if launched, that if we will release, if you can to be delayed. At least Today they emphatically confirm this cancellation.

A couple of weeks ago knew that the HTC Desire HD not entered in the list of terminals that will receive Android 4.0 in the form of official update. After global consternation that caused the announcement, HTC was quick to say that finally would appear if this long-awaited update. Today, after several preliminary testing, HTC again to confirm that the HTC Desire HD will stay as it is and you will not receive the update finally.

According to HTC, the current version of the software offers the best possible experience for that hardware, i.e., Gingerbread. We translate official statements:

After thorough testing, HTC has determined that the current version of Android with HTC Sense offers consumers the best HTC Desire HD experience. When we consider upgrading to new versions of software, we take into account a large number of factors, but ultimately the user experience in the product is the decisive factor. We apologize for any confusion that this change has taken place in our customers. HTC.

Gentlemen, this seems crucial. We assume that Ice Cream Sandwich will go low fluid in the terminal, or at least that they do understand. The solution? Is clear: pull of Custom ROMs, something that is frankly, even positive nowadays.

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