Understand the Main Expressions of the Fashion World

We explained 45 terms of fashion for you to stay inside the fashion universe already!

Every season, a new trend. To stay inside everything, we explained 45 terms of fashion for you to stay inside the fashion universe already!

We know that getting inside everything that happens in the fashion world is not easy. So we decided to give a little help by creating a small dictionary with some terms you can’t stop knowing! Are you ready?

  1. Ankle boot–Boot with pipe to your ankle.
  1. Babouches or clog–are the shoes with heel or wooden deck.
  1. Bodouir–tendency to use parts that seem or resemble lingerie.
  1. Boho-is the result of a mixture of the hippie, ethnic, folk and vintage styles. Its main parts are: long dresses and skirts, wider and comfortable modeling and cowboy boots.
  1. Bomber jacket or aviator jacket–it’s a jacket with military clipping, made of leather, with taller collar and lined by wool.
  2. Cargo pants–originally large male trousers, with lateral pockets. Today, her skinny type models are successful!
  1. Hatter–Small hat, which is trapped by staples or fixed on a tiara.
  1. Or–Long men’s shirt, the so-called “shirt dress”.
  1. Clutch–Purse or hand wallet, usually made of hard materials.
  1. Color Blocking–trend mixing vivid and vibrant colours in a same look.
  2. Dockside–Leather shoe, with rubber sole and lateral strips.
  1. Espadrilh-Shoes with heel type abela of rope.
  1. Ethnic–style with artistic and cultural references. For example: clothing that brings indigenous, Indian and African references; Tropical prints, items like feathers.
  1. Flat–Low and comfortable shoes, like slippers.
  1. Girlie–Romantic and superfeminine style. Characterized by floral prints, sweet colours as light pink and marked waist.
  2. Hot Pants–short suuuper shorts and high waist, rescued from the 60 years.
  1. It–people who have style and attitude and are admired for this, or very desired parts and accessories at that time. (Example: It Girl and it bag)
  1. Gardener–Jumpsuit with fine handles and very low digs, you have to wear with a T-shirt or top underneath.
  1. Ladylike–Superelegant and feminine style, which, with vintage traits, abuses ties and romantic details.
  1. Liberty–it’s that little girly floral print, very delicate and feminine.
  2. Midi boot–Boot with pipe in the middle of the cinnamon.
  1. Minimalism–clean style, with clear and neutral colours and straighter and simple clippings. That’s a trend where less is more!
  1. Half Paw–it’s the platform we found on the front of high heel shoes.
  1. Half 7/8–half trousers that end on the thigh, just above the knee.
  1. Motorcycle Boot–Boot with medium barrel and mouth more calculated its, rounded spout and buckles.
  2. Navy–style inspired by sailors ‘ clothing, with plenty of stripes and that has as main colors the blue, white and red.
  1. Open Boot–It’s the same thing as ankle boot, only with clippings in front and/or back.
  1. Off-White–it is a white pulled for the most pearl or nude shade very pale.
  1. Oxford–Men’s shoe, closed and tying, which was adapted to the women’s closet.
  1. Peep Toe–Shoe that has a small aperture on the front and leaves a part of the fingers showing.
  2. Pied de poule–type of chess pattern reminiscent of a “chicken foot”, as the name’s own translation says.
  1. Pleated-accordion of fabrics of skirts, dresses and blouses.
  1. Preppy–style that resembles the collegiate style clothing, marked by the cardigans, pleated skirts, tiaras and socks. Won a pop touch while betting on strong colours!
  1. Prêt–à–Porter–are collections and clothing produced on a large scale and sold in the “ready to wear” shops, i.e. those that are not custom-made or tailored.
  1. Heel–is the classic female shoe closed and high heels.
  1. Seventies or 70’s–is the fashion and style typical of the decade of 70, adapted for the current days.
  1. Spencer–Coats or pantsuits shorter length, above the hip.
  2. Sneakers–Modern tennis, usually high-barreled and supercolored.
  1. Tartan–Type of chess pattern, typical of grunge style.
  1. Trench Coat–It is a coat originally designed to face the rain, as if it were a cape. Today, it has gained fashion status and is used even as a dress, since it is knee-high or a little below.
  1. Trendsetter–is when the person is trendy, ie when she launches fashion trends and is always inside the fashion world.
  1. Tweed–It is a type of fabric made of wool, with different wires forming a same plot. It was immortalized in the models of designer Coco Chanel.
  1. Vintage or retro-style or pieces with modelling or older shapes. Currently searches for references primarily in the decades of 50, 60 and 70.
  1. Wrap-jackets, dresses or blouses with lateral edges, with which a tethering is made (“wrap” in English).
  1. Wedge–It is a more current version of the Anabela leap, i.e. it is a platform leap that appears in boots, sandals and shoes. It can be in materials like wood, velvet and even leather.

So, you like our dictionary fahsion?

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