Tips for Camping for the First Time

G’day travellers! My statement today is for people who love camping like me, but who are starting in this life or go camping for the first time.

Let’s start with the choice of tent. Research well before buying, it is always important that the ceiling on go to the floor so you don’t add water at the seams and seams. Also worth checking the column d ´ water to know how much water the tent supports in case of rain;

The location you will be camping out is very important. Choose camping, self-catering, mini market, location, hot baths and power points are always welcome, because it cuts off the junk we have to take; and finally see the best place to put your tent so you don’t mess up and don’t be roughing it;

Never leave to learn to ride your tent in the camping, always mount it on your House before you go camping to prevent unforeseen events, imagine losing the trip because can’t ride your tent. And keep the screen of musketeer closed, to block mosquitoes, spiders and other unwanted bugs inside the tent. But always take insect repellent and sunscreen no matter what.

Not always the power points are close to where you will set up your tent, so an extension with about 15 to 20 meters of is always welcome. And never forget a flashlight for precautions.

The largest of all the tips I can give you is: make the most for making new friends, live intensely the nature and experience new places.

I’ll be back!

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