How to Choose Toys Suitable for Children Under 1 Year

When we have our babies for months, gives us this fever of not wanting to separate us from them even for a second, we want to talk, sing, play and above all to pamper them.

If you’ve thought about buying toys your little of months we bring you some recommendations to take into account in choosing toys for our baby younger than 1 year of age.

0 to 12 months stage is a stage where senses come great importance, as it is through them that they begin to understand everything that surrounds them according to financedns.

Toys suitable at this stage are, therefore, those that encourage sensory perception. They are those that capture your attention through touch, hearing and sight.

Until the third or fourth month of baby toys that can see and hear because they are not yet able to take objects with their hands, but they try to touch toys hanging mobile crib or hammocks are recommended.

As they grow, they begin to distinguish shapes and colors, between those who prefer the brightest, and cuddly toys they like to touch, suck and bite.

They begin to have notion of his own body, are therefore ideal toys that stimulate the first movements control, as well as the manipulation of objects.

Important Note:

It should be especially careful with the toys they buy them then. Always make sure that they are suitable for small babies and that they do not contain small parts or are at risk of suffocation.

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