Winter Hairstyles for Long Hair

We are now in the middle of winter, and if you want to change your look by following the new fashion trends, we show you many ideas  of hairstyles for this winter!

After seeing all the news for short haircuts we focus on hairstyles for long hair, which shelter us from the cold winter drafts.

What will be the long cut suitable to your face? To find out, you just need to look around with us between Hair trends winter 2014 2015 designed by the most famous hairstylists in the world.Here are the photos of the looks that will dominate this season!


Whether blond, red or brunette, definitely’re probably fine with soft waves that reflect light making the wavy hair and voluminous. The hair moved, for years now is a must among celebrities, always gives charm and sensuality, giving movement to the hair, but while maintaining a neat effect through compound roots.

For the winter are super trendy waves flowing from under the breast or shoulder height, you choose the most suitable length for your needs!

To achieve different effects modeled curly according to your taste, the waves are fashionable in every variant! For a rough look and a bit ‘disheveled, very reminiscent of the style “messy hair”(messy hair) so fashionable this summer, playing with brush and hair dryer. Keep the length of the hair in the middle back and play with your locks. Pay no attention to the rebellious tufts, in this hairstyle 2015 beauty lies precisely in the lack of definition. The watchword is messed hair!

For a natural effect and elegant, give movement to your hair with the soft waves only in the final part of your helping lengths with a curling iron. Obviously the longer the hair, the more evident the massive and light effect of your look! The haircut expected changes of lengths on the tips, with longer hair on the back and on the underside and graded hair on the front.

Alternatively you can donate extreme volume to your hair with defined curls and super  soft, creating a hazy effect that reminds a bit ’80s style. In this case the hair is very long, from mid-back down!

To frame the face and highlight the features, the best choice is the fringe, straight or with alateral tuft, the bangs can change completely your look! The first cut of long hair has climbed and emphasizes the play of color and light blonde and dark shades. The second cut always provides the fringe, but more full on the forehead and a slight scaling.

If you wish to make your particular hairstyle, unique and with a touch of personality, add a note of color that can give you the fantastic reflections and light!


Now to the opposite gender, the hair super smooth. Such cuts are fashionable? The cut climbed, Jennifer Aniston, also is proposed for winter 2014 2015; both with the row middle that side, I climbed always gives a little ‘movement and dynamism also smoothed the hair from the plate.

The hairstyle most notably proposed by trends 2014 2015 is the super defined cut: bangs straight and full, freshly cut above the eyes to outline the eye, and long hair just below the breast cut equal. Surely a particular cut, perhaps not suitable for all, but very effective and perfect to hone your face.

What do you think of haircuts long winter 2014 2015? You have already seen the proposals of hairstylist Jean Louis David and Fabio Salsa? Write us in the comments what your favorite hairstyles in 2015!

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