Natural or Artificial, What is the Best Type of Bait Fishing?

If you have passion and fishing declared by fishing, you should take the time to prepare your special equipment. But even with some experience in the activity, you may have wondered what is the best type of bait to fish. People are wrong to think that any type of bait fishing has the same function and efficiency. In fact, they have significant differences amongst themselves and present different desenvolturas depending on the medium in which they are inserted, as at sea, dams, River, etc.

The bait is the most important piece of any fishery and, therefore, must be well selected according to need. In general there are two types of fishing lures: artificial lures and natural baits.

For help in choosing the best type of bait to fish we prepare some explanations and important tips for anyone who is a fan of fishing. Stay tuned and explore the best possible way your fishing according to technology-wiki!

Artificial lures

Fishing with artificial lures is totally different from fishing carried out with natural baits for several reasons, including the fact that the type of artificial bait has no odor or movement. So, we can consider that fishing with artificial lures leave the fishery more dynamic, since it is the fisherman who must produce the movements of the bait.

The type of bait for fishing can be of various artificial materials such as plastic, metal and even wood. The fishing carried out with this kind of bait is also known as casting and fishing lures if subdivided into three main groups: Surface lures, lures half-water and Bait.

The main advantage of the artificial lures, as well as practicality, is that each type has a special stimulus since the imitation of the food preferred by fish of the region, depth and even the emission of sounds that attract the fish.

Natural baits

One of the two main types of bait for fishing are natural baits. Also known as live bait, they are used in a large part of the Brazilian territory, even with the “inconvenience” of having to hunt them down before leaving for fishing. This kind of bait is equally effective, but a good read of the fishing location and knowledge of fish being hooked are fundamental.

In fresh water, for example, you can use crabs, insects, worms, frogs and even fruit. Already in salt water it is recommended the use of shrimp, calamari, bread crumbs, chicken breast, sardines and others.

Natural baits require extra care. The baits must be done with care, preferably storing them in clear bags that reflect the light, otherwise the bag absorbs the light and worry too much. The ideal is to prevent the accumulation of water and keep the bait well packed in ice or wrapped in paper.

Best type of bait for fishing

Some say the greatest secret of the fisherman’s bait. Make the right choice at the time of the fishery is critical. But even with so many rules, the feeling and creativity of the fisherman is what really counts in the end. The type of bait one can catch native species in some regions and in other places the bait do not present any result.

The important thing is to always do a prior study of the site and learn which fish species are present there. It is much easier to develop a technique more precise about the type of bait ideal for fishing in the region.

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