How to Wear Boho Jewelry During Autumn and Winter

But not all fashionistas know how to wear this jewelry correctly. Especially in a fashion season as complicated as it is autumn-winter. In this video you will find everything you need to know to create the perfect boho look.

This post will be quite short, because what we need to know can be found mainly in the video. So today we just relax and enjoy.

As you can see, I have chosen a choho style choker. As always, the main materials for boho jewelry are silver and turquoise. That yes, consider the shape of the choker.I wove a choker in the shape of a braid and to do it I only wore 5 strands of leather and a little imagination. But if you want to have a piece of boho jewelry that is fashionable during the spring season 2017, I advise you to look for accessories made with lapis lazuli.

To complement your boho choker, you can choose light clothing, lace or transparent fabric. I chose a lace top and a translucent white blouse, but in a colder period, the blouse can be replaced with a cardigan.

In order to feel comfortable and not get a cold, you must add a winter coat to your look. It’s like combining the styles of summer and winter in a single look. I chose a gray coat because it fits perfectly with the bright turquoise color of boho jewelry. You can also complement your necklace with earrings, but you must keep in mind that the use of this type of jewelry must have different shapes.

The finishing touch is a soft knit scarf that matches your boho jewelry. Do not be afraid to experiment and always keep yourself smart!

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