Tips for Using Hats

Out of fashion since the Decade of 60, the hats are back with all this year, but it takes a lot of care in time to use them. “The hat can be an accessory that will convey a sense of humor, formality or caricature. Who use it needs to load. Have to use, style, be creative and feel good, because it’s a different accessory. The Brazilian is not used “, ensures the image consultant Fernanda Carolina Baetta.

To choose the proper model, it should be noted the size of the face and the stature of the user. “It has to be proportional. If the woman is very high and has big face, needs to have a bigger hat. A very tiny hat would get lost in this woman “, says Carolina according to VintagesFinder.

Such accessory is also indicated to smooth out the shape of the face. “A more angular can use hat with more rounded shapes. A round uses models with geometric forms, “says the consultant. In addition, it’s always nice to bet on simplicity: these are causal accessories, especially for the summer.

There is no rule for their colors, each person can use those to find better. You just have to be careful at the time of matching accessory with clothes. “The Hat will be the highlight, the rest have to be neutral. Who’s afraid to bet on it, you can use a neutral color model, and colourful clothes “, indicates the expert.

It’s always good to remember that the hat should be the most important accessory of the look. So, it is important to use smaller earrings or even be without earrings or necklaces. When it has huge tabs, is shown getting hair stuck, unless they are short-or medium-sized. If a hat without tabs, the locks may be long and loose.

For those who thought to use during the night, sad news: it is only suitable up to 18 hours. That means no Hat when it gets dark. “It existed to protect from Sun and wind. Today’s fashion, but it’s good to avoid Hat indoors. It was designed to be used in open environments, “says the consultant.

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