How to Choose the Best Toys for Children

Discover how to choose the most suitable gift for children in order to stimulate and promote their development while having fun. In addition, salt of doubts as to whether you should limit the use of technological games or toys should be determined by gender.

Christmas, meals and family dinners aren’t the only stars, gifts become a cornerstone to surprise loved ones and especially the smaller House. Is for this reason that one of the most frequent issues among parents, uncles, or grandparents, usually the traditional question: what kind of toy is the most suitable for children?

Toys, as well as being a means of distraction and entertainment for the little ones, must be well used to stimulate them to a greater extent and thus facilitate learning processes according to To this end the child psychologist Silvia Álava offers a few tips and some recommendations from toys for children depending on their age.

The early years: stackable, nestable…

The first six years of child development are fundamental. At this stage is when more attention will have to put in the gifts we children. The choice of toys must be consistent with the age of the child. As it grows not only change their tastes, they acquired a range of skills and abilities.

From their experience, Silvia Álava recommended games to stimulate sensory perception, manipulation or the coordination of movements of children:

Stackable work eye coordination, bidigital clip and muscle strength.

The nesting of geometric shapes or animals • provide coordination visomanual and finas skills. The memory of shapes is worked and children learn the dynamics of the puzzle, child fun activity together withbuildings very important game.

Blankets of activities encourage motor skills of the babies.

Puppets serve to stimulate way funny babies, involving the senses of sight and touch. When they are a little older children can play with them, whether playing a story or creating their own stories.

As they grow: cut-outs, scooters, bicycles…

When children get older, other toys are more chords to continue arousing the interest of the child and to promote their physical and intellectual development:

Games of plasticine, the cut-outs or dress and undress dolls are good to develop the abilities of strength and agility in the fingers of the hands, as well as exercise the patience of the child.

Games of stringing beads, as well as the cut, paste and Peel stickers in the indicated sites are well-suited for these ages.

Scooters, tricycles, bikes, skates and trampolines favor strength, power, endurance and muscle control of the child. These toys allow your child know his body, learn how to master their movements, and encourage the development of elasticity, tone or balance.

The kitchenettes, dolls, babies, puppets and costumes are toys that promote functional and symbolic play. It is that children can simulate making things, like cooking, go to the purchase, care for a baby, or that can carry out role plays.

Up to what point is positive to give technological games to children?

Traditional toys are very important to promote a correct stimulation in the child. In the opinion of the expert, “children are immersed in a world of technology; Therefore, can not claim to have no games of this type, but if regular use and not allowed to only play with computers, tablets, and game consoles.” So, parents should limit the use of the computer or the video game console. It is good to avoid that children used all his fun time on electronic games; in fact,babies should not play with tablets or computers.

Another important dilemma is if you must buy toys based on the sex of the baby. According to the psychologist, toys must not be determined by gender. “Every child can play with the toy that choose, without forgetting to play is a synonym for fun; Thus, if a child wants to play with a doll or a girl with a truck, parents not should favour them bias”. And that, we must not forget that through play children learn important values for both individual and group development.

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