Decorative Stickers for Children: Look at That Beautiful!

I don’t know if I told you (I think now, but anyway, I count again for those who did not follow) that I chose to use wall stickers to decorate the room of my daughter, Catherine. She was born two weeks before the scheduled date, and as always I had left the submissions of preparations for the last time. Conclusion: we left the maternity ward the day 17 December and spent Christmas day (or rather, my husband spent the day) pasting the wall stickers. I believe that the choice of the stickers was great: in general are easy to apply, leave no smell, and if you ever want to trade them (and want to, because the children grow and you, mom, you’re going to love having a make over in the room), the task will be easy to perform.

The other day I met the stickers of my adorable Igloo, the journalist and designer Bruna Assis Brazil. And I was in LOVE! This is the word of truth. Because they are very beautiful, and very different from what we usually find out there. Bruna itself, that is, children’s book Illustrator creates the drawings. And the impression it gives is that each model carries the magic of the universe of stories to the Cub room wall. If you like books as well as I, is about to start traveling in the images, thinking about how to compose each patch with the rest of the decor to re-create the scene of little Red Riding Hood, Mary Poppins, the wizard of Oz. Want to see some?

Little Red Riding Hood: this one goes to the room of Caca

Hansel and Gretel: I loved the cookie House

The wizard of Oz: one of my favorites

The three little pigs:beautiful for a boy’s room!

For beatlemaníacos puppies

How about puppy growth like that? Better yet doing London décor to your room!

The stickers are printed and vinyl application instructions come in the mail. Liked it? Runs in the virtual store and take a peek, to Bruna sends to all over the country. The hint!

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