How to Choose Gold Plated Earrings Perfect for You

Gold-plated earrings have been around for a long time. They are the perfect accessories for any woman’s jewelry case. To find the perfect gold earrings for you, pay attention to these super tips. In the end, you’ll be prepared to choose a pair of gold earring that will convey style and confidence to your look.

The History of Gold Earrings

Gold-plated earrings have always been popular in several ancient civilizations, including Egypt, India and Persia. In many cultures, gold was the standard for making earrings because it has always been recognized as a precious metal. Centuries after men started wearing gold earrings, women began to wear them as well. Today, earrings are much more common among women than for men in most cultures according to CACHEDJEWELRY.COM.

Tips for Choosing Gold Plated Earrings

As with all semijoints, some gold-plated earrings look better on some women than on others, and this is due to our individual traits. To find the perfect plated earrings for any woman, consider our tips.

Budget – The cost of a pair of clad earring is determined by the amount of gold that the earrings contain. There are three ways in which gold earrings can be made. You should find the right combination of quality and budget to suit your personal needs.

– Pure gold – This type of piece has enormous value added by being manufactured entirely with gold alloy. The amount of gold used depends on your carat. The highest carat value is 24, which indicates that the piece has 99.9 percent gold by weight. Smaller carats are usually employed in more durable parts because they are made of stronger metals and not as noble as gold and silver. Regardless of choosing a high or low carat number, the entire piece has gold in its composition. Thus, solid gold earrings are considered to be fine jewelry and those bearing other materials are considered semi -precious jewelry .

Gold alone has a low hardness for use in jewelry, so it is bonded with other metals to gain strength, thus creating 18 karat gold (which is 75% pure gold) and 14 karat (about 60% pure gold). Its coloring can vary with yellow gold being the most classic choice, white gold has a polished silver luster, and pink gold has a more vintage look.

– Gold leaf – This type of semijoia is of intermediate quality. A metal base that can not be nickel because of its allergenic properties is covered by a thick layer of gold. Gold is bonded to the metal used in the composition, so the piece will last for a long time. Again, choose the carat value that best fits your budget and desired durability. In this type of semi-jewelery you will not have to worry about scratches and scratches

– Gold – plated – These pieces are generally more accessible and used. In this type of piece the process is to cover the semijoia with a layer of gold that has on average about 0,07 millimeters of thickness. Among the greatest benefits of gold plated parts is the fact that they are sturdy parts. Gold is a solid metal, and is easily susceptible to scratches and bending. Gold plated pieces help giving an attractive finish to a piece that should be sturdy and durable.


Women should choose gold plated earrings that reveal a little of who they are: talents, interests, religion, culture and other personal traits. Extroverted women can look at the flashy and dashing ones. The nicest women can look for large, creative, unusual earrings and eclectic style. Vintage, conservative, simpler and classic earrings look perfect on middle-aged women for example. Meanwhile, the more timid women may want small, modest earrings. No matter how a woman introduces herself to the world, she can always find earrings to match her personality. Of course, women should not only try to emphasize who they already are, for example, a woman who wants to look a little more extroverted may choose to wear a large and bold pair of earrings that she has never before thought to wear that will look good in the same way . By wearing earrings that express something unique, you have felt more confident.


While personality is related to how someone acts, focusing on style will help you match earrings to the outfit you wear. Taking both into consideration, you can find the perfect balance. No matter what a woman wears, she can wear earrings to stand out or reveal a sense of adventure. For example, women who wear modest and traditional clothing have two options: they can wear equally modest gold earrings or they can also choose to play with extraordinarily large earrings to add a sense of excitement to their look. The personality is multifaceted, and the style must reflect that. A woman can be brave and outgoing but still wear a lovely pair of small gold earrings with a sweet and feminine look. An accessory like gold earrings goes down a subtle path in combating stereotypes, allowing each woman to find her own style and create her signature.

Kind of event

Not only should your attire be appropriate to the occasion you go, your semijoia should also be specially thought out for the event. Gold earrings span the spectrum. For a business meeting, stick with a more classic look using hoop model earrings . For a normal day at work, wear an elegant fringe earring, but be cautious with size. To go out at night, wearing maxxi earrings is a good request. There are no rules, but these suggestions help women stay elegant when they attend such events. Before going to an event, you should keep in mind whether you want to stand out or keep yourself more restrained and traditional. Women who want to stand out can choose larger, more elaborate earrings, a slightly more attractive accessory.

Face shape

Every woman wants semijoints that value her face and her natural beauty. Since each face is unique, look for semi-jewels that match your face shape and skin tone. With gold earrings in particular, there are options perfect for every woman. I recommend that you check out our complete Guide and learn to identify your face type to identify which face model is yours.

Skin tone

– Clara – In most cases, choose white gold or rose gold. If the skin is very pale, white gold can make the skin even paler, and pink gold may emphasize the pink tones too much. In such cases, choose yellow gold instead.

– Morenos – Yellow gold stands out in women with brown skin tones.


Gold plated earrings are beautiful, timeless. With all varieties, women can find a pair of gold earrings that fit perfectly. By paying attention to your budget, personality, style, event and your own facial traits, any woman can find a pair of earrings that will fit perfectly.

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