Clear Pixel Technology That Would Improve The Quality of Photography in Moto X

Companies like HTC have opted for the Ultrapixels, a sensor with larger pixel size, which allows to capture more light. Motorola has Clear Pixel as technology inherited from the purchase of Kodak patents in 2005 and everything seems to point to that will be integrated in the next Moto X.

This technology promises one improvement notable in the quality capture of images Thanks to a new way to capture light by the camera which allows more brightness sensor in traditional way.

This means that pictures in low-light situations will be markedly improved, with all its resolution 10 Mpx, not only 4 Mpx as in HTC One.

Remarkable improvement of image with Clear Pixel

It seems, Moto X It could be the first smartphone on the market make use of this technology. Traditional sensors that capture light through red, green and blue pixels, being able to capture the light into its spectrum, i.e. one-third each.

Clear Pixel, In contrast, integrates exclusive pixels that capture light in the range of what is differential in low-light situations.

This technology makes an approach different from HTC with its technology UltraPixel Since it does not require to have a sensor with larger pixels and therefore remains the big image resolution.

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