Google Not Will Be Responsible for Managing Updates of Devices Google Play Edition

Came the day, after meeting in the latest edition of the Google I/o that we would have the S4 Galaxy Samsung and HTC One with the Android version without additives, finally put on sale in the United States. In fact, the first have arrived and we have seen some of the differences that have.

Well, in this situation where the software is Android which all pointed out that it would be the own Google who was going to take care be provided updates, images, etc. However, the Mountain View giant has clarified it: the manufacturer will be.

This line is one of those that mark the difference between devices Edition Google Play and the Nexus, as well as the detail of the brand. It is significant they are, in this case HTC and Samsung, the manufacturers who make these arrangements provide.

Taking into account that there is no software layers of means and that the phone is free, updates they should get. This is a big course but taking into account that are the respective ships badges of their companies should not be tardy.

This opens a question: if Samsung and HTC are responsible for distributing the picture, updates and other… can be Flash without problems on devices that come with the version of Android with TouchWiz or HTC Sense? I’m talking about a simple process, where are not involved rooted applications and others.

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