Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: Mini-Smartphone, Maxi-Hardware!

Forget the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Apple iPhone air, the whole Smartphone giant of last year and the coming year now that comes Sony Xperia Z1 compact (known formerly as Z1 mini and Z1f).Why is the mini Smartphone as a highlight? Clearly: It has reasonable price, compact size, and the hardware power, providing only the Smartphone giant on the market (Phablets) one. Sony invented the Z1 compact almost a whole new class of device: the high-end mini Smartphone (read review for the Sony Xperia Z1 compact at 7 mobile).

In terms of display which floats Sony Xperia Z1 compact against a trend toward ever larger display sizes, without having high-end hardware, without, how’s so far for the HTC one mini or the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini was the case. While the Sony Xperia is based Z1

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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Vs. Samsung Galaxy s4 Mini Vs. Htc One Mini: Compact Android Smartphones Compared

The Sony Xperia Z1 compact is in the Android community, as well as in the Android fan base with wonder have been received (article about the Z1 compact at 7 mobile and test report). The Compact Mini smartphone combines high-end hardware with mini-Smartphone mass. But how is it mini and HTC one in direct comparison with the mini competition Samsung Galaxy S4 mini?

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Meizu MX3: High-end Export From China Comes to Europe

128 GB memory, 8-core processor, 415ppi-display & co – the Meizu MX3 is a top phone. You must put back only on the Internet.

Meizu was just over two years ago with the 4-incher Meizu MX – at that time the iPhone lookalike with technology great for that time and competitive prices in Asia arrived perfectly. In Europe it never came however as his 4.4 “follower MX2. in stores The latest model, on 5.1 “accreted Meizu MX3 that is about to change: the Smartphone, which already made its debut in China in September, a report by TechinAsia after to come even after North America and Europe.

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Sony Xperia T2 Ultra: Thin Mid-Range Android Phablet

Sony has announced just two new Smartphones: a Sony Xperia E1 (read article to Xperia E1), on the other hand the Xperia T2 ultra. Both are aimed at beginners, the T2 Ultra is a mature Phablet (Smartphone with a screen diagonal of more than 5″) that one but low-cost alternative to the high-end Phablet Sony Xperia Z ultra could represent. If it comes on the market in Germany, is however uncertain.

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BlackBerry: B(l)Ack To The Roots

BlackBerry wants to confront the downturn with time-tested technology: in the future using mainly again on smart phones with keyboard.

Thorsten Heins of the great hopes of BlackBerry was, when he took the helm of the ailing company in January 2012, which had once been market leader in smartphones until the hour of the iPhones and later was knocked out of the OS Android. Two years after his

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[Update] Sony Windows Phone… Not Pull 8 Smartphones Into Consideration!

* Update 15.01.14 * a prime example of quality journalism isn’t the debate about Windows phone 8 smartphones by Sony…! The rumors came up through a report by CNET, the Windows phone Director Greg Sullivan said, Sony will release a Smartphone with Windows phone 8. Apparently it was – is – now noticed a translation error. Too bad Sony, because too much Android dominance will not do well Smatrphone market on time safely.

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Cheap, Cheaper, Wiko Barry: Android Smartphone In The Test

WIKO Barry in the test: that Wiko Smartphones manufactures great value, knew us already because of the many tests of reasonable WIKO smartphones with Android (test overview-to WIKO smartphones). Create a new standard we need but probably with the Wiko Barry, because the Smartphone with 5″ is display and full Android less than 140,-€, mind you without a contract.What can you expect for so little money?

must admit I was also skeptical, but even a look at the data sheet shows the qualities of Wiko Barry, you would hardly dare this Smartphone to a such a low price.Although the Wiko Barry is not a particularly thin Smartphone (here the WIKO Darkmoon rather

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WIKO Smartphone Darkmoon Test: Fast, Flat, Cheap!

Wiko Smartphones we have reported several times. The Wiko Darkmoon fits perfectly in the portfolio of affordable, chic and powerful smartphones by WIKO, where I had to complain about so far little in many tests. It’s almost like WIKO had deliberately read the reviews and now with the WIKO Darkmoon turned off the small shortcomings of its predecessor, the otherwise the already very good WIKO Furthermore Knight balances (test to the WIKO see Furthermore Knight) – it has become only thinner and also follow the technical data are easily changed.

The very thin design (only 7, 9 mm deep) comes with some limitations, which we are accustomed in principle by almost all manufacturers with WIKO but mostly to enjoy have come, that just this typical constraints not just access. But the diet has its price: Although

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Xiaomi Mi3-First Impressions

The Mi3 is the latest Smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. With a large battery, a fast processor and a special operating system’s need not to hide from international competition.

In the first part dealing with the design, the accessories and the equipment. In the second part , then follow a short test and a conclusion.

Unboxing and delivery

The Mi3 in a plain brown cardboard box will be delivered. On top of the Smartphone is located, protected by a slide. How to switch on and off button and which is the volume rocker is it described with Chinese characters. For anyone who ever had a Smartphone in hand, it should be understandable but even without knowledge of Chinese.

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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Test: Mini-Smartphone With Power

Sony’s answer to the weak-breasted mini Smartphone is called competition Sony Xperia Z1 compact. The Smartphone well in the test, which probably consciously not “mini”, but just means “Compact” is with us; not necessarily, because it is larger than the competition, but a high-end Smartphone with compact housing but because it is no more mini Smartphone in terms of hardware,. We are testing the Sony Xperia Z1 compact for you!

The 21.1.14 * Update * Thanks to a reader’s comment in the test (see below,) thanks to paganini some small errors in the test have revealed: the one that has Sony Xperia Z1 compact no optical image stabilizer, on the other hand is not entirely clear whether the back really is from plastic (polycarbonate).Because I’m absolutely not sure, I put a demand directly from Sony.

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