Huawei Ascend D2 in the First Test

The Huawei Ascend D2 surprises in the test with a chic look and a brilliant 5-inch display.

Huawei Ascend D2: First impression

The processing of the Ascend D2 is already at the tested pre-production model simple and simply perfect. Huawei relies on high-quality materials, about an elegant metal frame, which houses the headphone jack at the bottom, and plastic surfaces made of polycarbonate. Read more

ZTE Grand X IN TestZTE Grand X IN Test

The ZTE Grand X IN shows with 4.3-inch display for moderate 279 euros in the test that the manufacturers do not just entry-level devices.

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ZTE has tried with models such as Tania or Atlas itself first in the absolute low-budget range, Grand X IN dares now somewhat further from the cover. With a price of 279 euros, it is too many set down smartphones of established manufacturer in direct competition. Read more

Audio Research REF Phone 2 SE in the test

The prepress reference Phono 2 SE Audio Research brings tough internal tension of seemingly familiar grooves. Also the price creates excitement.

Ku? recent moved the stereoplay editorial staff in a new listening room – and has brought a complete moving box with those little boxes. It will be a round dozen: phono amp, maximum of two cigarette packs great. Together, they reach the cubic volume, yet the overall weight, nor the price of this big brother: audio research builds the reference Phone 2 SE Full format All rights reserved – in a really full-blown integrated amplifier housing dimensions. In addition the companies typical appearance with massive handles left and right: here is someone very serious – or makes a big show. A mixture of admiration and suspicion is attached. Also considering the price: this phone 14,700 euros. Most are between one and three percent of this sum the cigarette box siblings. Read more

AKG K 551 in the Test

The wearing comfort of the K of 551 of AKG convinced. The test shows whether the HiFi headphones can keep sound.

The AKG K 551 visually what is here: black or chic white it is available with bright colorful cables and a very robust-looking, rotating in holder that always keeps the prominent ears in more comfortable carrying position. Read more

House of Marley Destiny TTR in the Test

House of Marley stands for excellent quality and environmental friendliness. The name is a term long fans of reggae music. The test shows whether the new destiny TTR is a worthy headphones.

Who immediately thinks of reggae music and Bob Marley in “House of Marley”, is actually right. His widow Rita and six of his children holding all rights to his heritage and sell Musical accessories such as headphones and iPod docks, which should reflect the life of Marley’s. An important component in addition to the music: Sustainability. So, the headphones of House of Marley already boast a well-thought-out packaging, uses biologically safe packing material; even the clips that fasten the cable to the recycled cardboard, are from bast instead of plastic. Read more

Quadral Chromium Style 102 in the Test

The chromium style 102 by Quadral is rather narrow. How are the affects on the sound of the standing speakers?

At Quadral, the traditional manufacturer headquartered in Hanover, the high-end models are traditionally equipped with Ribbon tweeters. Under high change anchored firmly in the consciousness is the classic volcano and titanium, which already were waiting in the 80’s with an incredibly fine and cultured-sounding tapes, obtained by Matsushita in Japan at the time. Quadral legends are now in the eighth generation, and are more powerful than ever. Read more

Philips Fidelio X 1 in the Test

Philips presents the X 1. The headphones should be the new driving force of the Fidelio series. Visually he scores already in timelessly elegant design and luxurious calf leather dressed. Can the HiFi receiver but also sonically compete? The test shows that.

Invested in the flagship of the series of Fidelio, the X 1, Philips not only fine technical ingredients that give a special aura audiophile headphones, corresponds with which also the optics. Here, lots of passion was introduced. This is also can be heard clearly tangible and ultimately. Initially the Double layer built dwelling for the 50 mm large, powerful neodymium drivers there. Read more

Sony Xperia V in the Test

With the Xperia V, the breakthrough into the top League finally succeeds Sony with very good handling and very good readings.

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The Sony Xperia V is smaller and is lighter than the previous flagship Xperia T. Only the slightly higher with 579 euros price recommendation suggests the V’s want – to be something special and it satisfies this requirement. Read more

Sennheiser Momentum in the Test

Sennheiser offers a robust and comfortable travel companion with the momentum. The test shows how the HiFi headphones in everyday life suggests.

The momentum of Sennheiser first impresses his light weight and a highly elegant, eye-catching design is guaranteed. If the headphones to the fine leather sneakers to match, the momentum is the best choice. The metal frame absorbs the earpieces over a clever adjustable sliding mechanism and baffled in the rotation and stretch test with large load tolerance. Obviously a headphone, looks like not only fine, but in everyday mobile properly can put away what. Read more

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