Chario Constellation Pegasus in the Test

Who equips his home with furniture made of natural materials, will want to make any compromises also in the case of the speakers. The Chario constellation Pegasus is quality and yet affordable.

A status box with a wooden replica from foil on a vibration-technically-adverse simply housing does not fit to a high-quality institution. An encounter with the Pegasus by Chario from Northern Italy proves that affordable boxes can be fantastically high quality and finely processed. The inclined connoisseurs can choose between stylish high-gloss lacquer or again more (and more expensive) execution in shimmering velvety Matt paint plus cheeks in cherry or walnut wood. The side panels are then not only superficially “real” (i.e. veneer), but solid through and through. The woods are vividly grained and yet unobtrusive. The advantage that you can see every scratch or fingerprint is compared with piano lacquer. Read more

Opera Grand Mezza MK II in the Test

That transducers from Italy can be not only extremely cute, but also inexpensive and very solid, but the Grand Mezza Mk II Opera is living proof.

For moderate 2,000 euro comes a beautifully processed sound furniture in the House, with gently rounded edges and a soft artificial leather cover for the Middle areas. The side walls are real wood veneer, available in Cherry or mahogany. If you like, gets his graces in high-gloss black or white against a surcharge of 10 percent. Read more

HTC Windows Phone 8 X in the Test

The HTC Windows phone 8 X proves itself in the test very solid Smartphone with a large display in a compact housing and fine workmanship.

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While Nokia with the Lumia 920 explores the limits of what is possible with Windows phone 8, HTC at the 8 X rather has the optimum compromise between powerful technology, useful features, and a highly suitable for everyday use, compact body in mind. With 550 euros, the HTC Windows phone top model is cheaper also 100 euro. Read more

Symphonic Line RG 10 MK4 HD Test

Faithful AUDIO readers are likely to already know the Symphonic line RG 10 MK 4. But in the latest version with HD (there are in the prototype to win Reader’s choice) it is worth much more to experience it intensely.

The first impression in the RG 10 MK4 HD is deceptive: on the front panel we may not find the sensational to the amplifier in a full symphonic line. She looks – one centimeter thick, beautiful surface treated and same with solid full metal buttons for power, source selection, tape monitor switch and level control on it – at the Duisburg amps for years. The schematic of the amplifier when the new RG 10 is also nothing exciting: A – working but with much faster, say good local feedback – differential amplifier controls two slightly stronger transistors. This in turn drive a folksy two-stage emitter follower. A push-pull Quartet (2 x 2SA1943, 2 x 2SC5200) supplied by Toshiba then fired the boxes on each side of the channel. No, the really exciting thing is at symphonic line in the ‘how to’. We take the power transformers. Yes, plural, because ever two large symphonic line used in the RG 10: one with 450 Watt for the performance levels and another – stored in a secondary case – with 300 Watts for the first circles. Here each calculator reveals that about the relays of sources of and high level of buffer ICs consume only a tiny fraction of the service. Read more

Nokia Lumia 820 in the Test

Good facilities, easy operation, moderate readings: In the test, the Nokia Lumia 820 leaves an ambiguous image.

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The Nokia Lumia 820 according to the producer costs 499 euros. 150 euros less than for a Lumia 920, the current top model of Nokia, due to 200 euros more than for the well tested, but at least HTC 8s. There is where the Finns over the larger model from their own home have saved and invested compared to the cheaper model from HTC. Read more

Rosso Fiorentino Certaldo in the Test

The stand box Certaldo from the Italian Manufactory of Rosso Fiorentino is extensively processed and trimmed on neutrality. How does it sound in the test?

Audiophile especially at small, owner-operated specialists – committed to the quality of their products with heart and soul and not the dreams of return of investors and corporations find real value work. This unfortunately far too rare gems of the scene is located one the manufacture of Rosso Fiorentino of Florence, halfway between Milan and Rome. That you may never have heard of this manufacturer, it is likely due to the fact be that its products are only available since 2006. Rosso Fiorentino is the name of a Florentine artist from the early 16th century, which is called by experts in the same breath with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Read more

Gauder Acoustic Arcona 80 in Test

With the probably Steepest passive filters Berlina series to new heights of sound pushed ISO phons. Now Mastermind Roland Gauder launches the miracle course in the affordable Arcona line under his own name: Gauder acoustics. Can only 4000 euro phonetically follow cheap top model the finest ISO phons?

That is ISO phons Developer Roland Gauder, you can tell drivers, enclosure, frequency switch and co. after a recently talking about The man is not only practical, but also the theory behind its products. And so he has for those who hope thanks to flat filter on an especially homogeneous and time correct playback, no understanding. Read more

Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 in the Test

The Venere-series can produce Sonus Faber for the first time in China. The cheap boxes keep up with their higher brothers?

The probably most famous boxes manufacturer in Italy comes from the small town of Arcugnano not far from Venice and is called Sonus Faber. Audiophile appreciate the noble transducer due to their smooth sound character and its unmatched processing all over the world. A sovereign use of varnishes and wood is the distinctive mark of the brand, in the tradition of the great Italian violin makers. Sonus Faber classics like homage or Elipsa excite audiophiles all over the world, but also rich money. Read more

HTC Windows Phone 8s Test

With good endurance and a convincing suitability as a phone that reached 300 Euro cheap Windows phone HTC 8S amazingly good test results.

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Less equipment

It goes without saying that this price requires trade-offs in the facilities. It is also clear that at the most expensive component of a Smartphone allows best save – on the display. That is noticeably smaller 8s with 4 inch at HTC, than one that currently is used by upper-class of smartphones; This requires a little more attention than usual when writing on the virtual keyboard. Finally, it is to avoid typos in the approach. Read more

Archos 101 XS in the Test

The Android Tablet ARCHOS 101 XS boasts a screen protector with built-in keyboard dock, which is quickly ready to go in the test.

  1. Archos 101 XS in the test
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Every now and then connect introduces Tablet keyboards, which notes and E-mails capture better leave. Alone already, because then no longer is covering a large part of the display of the virtual keyboard. The ARCHOS Tablet 101 XS eliminates a such purchase as well as the purchase of a cover, unless it involves the screen protector: the here enclosed cover is screen protector and keyboard in one. Read more

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