Android N WiFi

In recent weeks, thanks to the Developer Preview, we have already had the opportunity to learn many new things about Android N. Some will be more obvious, others less so; that discovery in the last few hours, brought to the fore by Android Police, falls into the second tunnel, and will solve a specific problem but that should be quite frequently: drastically reduce the delays that are noticed on under-performing device when taking a photo or resume your WiFi network after a period of inactivity.

The problem is that, when one of two things, a fair number of app will “wake up” in response to the event. Think for example to Dropbox, Google photos, Skydrive and all apps that make automatic backup of images, or to all apps that perform certain synchronization operations only under WiFi as defined on Abbreviationfinder. In short, as in an Italian at open gate boarding, all apps “rush” to do as quickly as possible, then to clog the device hardware-particularly those of midrange/economical device.

With Android N, however, things are going to be radically different thanks to JobScheduler, that will regulate automatically the request stream apps. Some services may be less immediate, but the differences would hardly be perceived by the user, which in return will enjoy more regular and reliable performance.

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