How to Wear Evening Dress

During the festive season is hottest, and in front are yet mm. New Year celebrations. This feast means more than one dress code dark suit. This dress code will be precisely the man a plain, black, or very dark blue or gray suit. However, women in dark suit does not automatically mean a long dress. Dark suit can be according to the label also lightweight pantsuit or dress. Also, evening dress and the dress-jacket combination is suitable. If the occasion is formal, favoring the integral color of your clothing dark; more informal event in a woman’s dress may contain toner.

Often, women have difficulties to distinguish between the evening gown and evening gown. The dress code is specifically for a dark suit, a woman wears to a suit – not festive costume. Evening Dress has a length of up to ankle length. It also can, therefore, be calf length, but remember that your prettiest what the opportunity is, the more secure choice is a long, ankle-length dress. A short, the classic little black dress is also often a safe choice. Dress code: dark suit could also be called evening dress. Formal evening dress suit difference is mm. length. Evening dress is, therefore, always be so long that only the tips of the shoes will be out from under the suit.

Always pay attention to how to wear dresses. Etiquette, a couple will wear the same level. This is a prevalent time for the “old-fashioned” way of thinking, because the man’s outfit defines the label, according to a woman’s style of dress. Invitation card always reads specific dress code how to keep a man to wear. This same code is used, even if the event would not be attending as the only women.

What’s Handbags and Accessories?

With the celebration of the suit always choose thin tights – for them, however, you can also select metallic glitter or patterns. Remember the choice of tights, that they should always be the same color or a lighter color than the shoes.

Overcoats with evening gown, you can use a style suitable for the festive jacket, or even referring to the shawl. On feet according to the label or sirokorkoisia Pumps Wedges are used. Formal Suit with sandals again violate the etiquette.

Here also select the slender, handheld portable small bag. Of course, nowadays trendy thin strap small bag is also very. However, the labels are meant to live over time – an eye for style and discretion using.

Best Apps for Windows (February 2016)

Every month the User’s Guide lists the best apps for the most popular platforms. You are in Windows (mobile and PCs / tablets) – be sure to check also the list of Android , the iOS and OS X and the previous months.

You missed some app down there? Tell in the comments. And if you find some cool during the month, be sure to send here .


Despite the name, which gives the impression of being one of those generic apps from third parties, the Boards is the Todoist creators. In the words of the developers, “an experiment”. He sync with your account in this task list app and presents them in frames Kanban style, a popular business among managers and entrepreneurs and, more recently, in the sense Trello rival.

common tools Todoist like to point out responsibilities, attach files, leave comments and add new tasks using natural language, are all there. The Boards have two color patterns, a common and one night, and even works offline – when regains connection, it synchronizes the changes.

Facebook Beta

There is already a stable app Facebook for Windows. This new, still in beta, has important differences, however. It is universal, which means that the future will be available for smartphones with Windows Mobile 10, and is developed by Facebook itself – the former is done by Microsoft with the support of the social network.

The look is more polished, but the new Facebook app for Windows still has weird bugs. The biggest is that in tablet mode, it will not boot! Just disable mode, log, and rehabilitate it in order to use the app. But at least the app is well updated. He already has new reactionsbutton “like”, for example. It is a breath of hope that things will improve in the future.


The Fused is a photo editing app with a single function: mixing two images (If you are more familiar with photography, it simulates double exposure). He existed in the iPhone, and now come to Windows.

A nice aspect is that in addition to photos, Fused also works with videos up to 15 seconds, ideal for posting on social networks like Instagram and Vine.

The interface is simple and straightforward, there are controls to delete and/or draw the areas to be merged and, in addition to your own photos, developers offer “Artistic Collections”, with artists from work in order to give a professional touch to your work .


Microsoft Garage is a division that produces and launches experimental apps for multiple platforms – and almost always rivals like Android and iOS. The Plumbago is an exception, since it is unique to Windows (8:10, only on computers and tablets).

Somewhat resembles OneNote by your organization for notebooks, but here the focus is on design. Developers ensure that a smooth stroke and realistic reproductions of ink and paper, plus the ability to import images to draw on and/or around them. The interface is all original and designed to be used in sensitive screens touches.

Network Data

The same creator of the Wi-Fi Tool, Network Data comes with the same refinement and cool interface, this time to keep you informed on the network via data consumption.

The Network Data monitors traffic from the mobile network and the fixed connection, generates various graphics and divides the consumption periods. It is easy to find out how much of your franchise was consumed and where the peaks are. Both the PC and the smartphone, you can generate dynamic blocks with different layouts to learn, ready, the level of expenditure of the data.


Raise your hands to heaven and thank: the Nubank app is real. It took months between the initial promise of the Brazilian startup and the release of the app a period followed closely by apprehensively Windows Phone user community. It took, but the app has arrived.

The Nubank is a credit card, MasterCard with no annual fee, fully digital and recognized for its simple app and very easy to understand. The Windows version is almost identical to the Android and iOS.

The only problem is getting the card (the queue is huge), but if you already have yours, the app is required.

Todoist Preview

If the Boards not caught your attention and you want the traditional Todoist, the good news is that the preliminary version of the app for Windows 10 became universal recently – that is, now it works on smartphones running Windows Mobile 10 also.

All functions and features you would expect from the app are there, with a more traditional interface, the next of which exist in rival platforms.

Consider, however, that this app is not yet finalized and therefore can present problems.

Some warnings:

  • The apps above were not all tested by the User’s Manual. The list is composed of prominent apps, launched in the month, which appeared on other sites, or were reported by readers;
  • The apps are listed in alphabetical order;
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Simple Ideas to Decorate Birthday Party

There is nothing better than celebrating with friends and family, isn’t it? Festive season has the power to lighten the all. Both birthday, as marriage and other commemorative dates, are reasons to toast the life and a good excuse to gather all friends and family in one place. Is there anything better? I don’t think so, huh. However, a nice celebratory depends exclusively on a good party decoration.

Do you have questions about how to decorate and what topic to choose? In this post you will find a lot of cool thing about this subject. Small details make the difference in decoration as: different balloons, sweets decorated, personalized invitations. Have questions and don’t know where to start? Below you can see an idea of theme party and then gives tips for decorating children’s Party.

After all, what topic to choose?

Here you can see party decorating tips, ideas, invitations, etc. I hope all these tips help to inspire. Check below:

Theme party of 1960s

Your birthday is near and you want to do something different but still doesn’t know for sure what? Theme parties are fun and perfect to gather family and friends. Is there anything more fun than theme party 60 years? In my opinion. References to years 60 throughout the party decor. You can ask for the guests go dressed the part, or not, you choose.

1-Use vinyl records in decorating

There is nothing more retro than vinyl records to decorate. Use towels too retro to decorate the candy table and the tables of the guest.

2 Invite 60 Years

The invitation can both be done manually or can be purchased. Invitation black with white polka dots are used to represent the 1960s.

3-Sweethearts 60 Years

Decorate the skittles according to the theme, too. You can decorate the pastries and cake with musical notes. You can also decorate with mini vinyl records. It is a charm. The good theme party 60 years is that the party can be both for adults and for children. And there like it? If you haven’t made up your mind below has more options.

2-Children’s Party-Important Items to Decorate

No matter the theme, children’s Party needs to be well decorated and with cheerful colors, vibrant and colorful. Below you can see some decorating tips that works with any theme.

Decoration with Balloons

Use your creativity and innovate even in balloons. The balloons can be decorated in many different ways. Which one do you prefer? Check below some tips and ideas for decoration.

1-Pet Balloons

Simple colored leaves help in time of creating these bugs. Cute, huh?

2-Ice Cream Balloons

No more using the classic normal balloons at parties. How about innovating with balloons.

3-A Balloon Inside One Another

It is wonderful. Innovative and beautiful for decorating.

Like the idea? Below you can see how you can put a balloon inside the other. Check out.

Different Candies for Decorating

1-Cake Pops

What is it? those honeys that are on top of a toothpick. In addition to delicious they are beautiful to decorate any children’s Party. Great choice to decorate the table.


What would a children’s party without cupcake? Impossible to imagine, huh? Delicious and perfect for decorating the table.

Women’s Fashion T Shirt and Trends

The t-shirts for women have become a trend in fashion world. Given this, these t-shirts are perfect to create various looks in summer.

The shirt can be used on a daily basis and cause the woman stay with style, for those looking for differentiated parts you can find many modern models and freshest fabrics. The cool t-shirts ensure a visual to your liking, since they can use the piece with shorts, pants, skirts and shorts in xxl size.

This piece is quite unusual, though, to diversify abuse of t-shirts with prints or the stylish choice for breaking the visual simplicity. The idea is to draw attention, that is, the more fun the shirt over your visual will be bold.

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Designers Party Short Dresses

Dresses designers party preserves. When we talk about a prom dress, almost everyone imagines one long and sometimes even up to tail. But not everyone is always looking for this kind of dress. Many women, to find a dress short for a2zgov, can opt more for a short one.

The designers party short dresses are another option when choosing our clothes when we go to an important event, whether it is a party, a cocktail party, a gala dinner or even a wedding.

But even being a very valid and interesting, alternative often costs blood, sweat and tears find a short dress of fashion for young people within the collections of the designers. Although, in recent times, increasingly will find more models, already not so only short, but also of medium length.


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Sunglasses Louis Vuitton Price Guide

Louis Vuitton presents his beautiful line of sunglasses that completes the collection spring summer 2012 of clothing and accessories brand. These days we’ve got to take a look at different collections designed by big brands, from Prada to Fendi, we found very interesting news, and in its wake it also places the new line designed by Louis Vuitton. A surprise is particularly well adapted to the new forms and bright colors typical cheeky of the season which are inspired by the new models. Let’s take a look at them together.

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Casual Day Dresses

Today we talk about a very important topic for all the girls. We will see some cute casual dresses very modern so you spend very Regal during the day.

These dresses are very elegant, they are actually setting trends this season 2013. Daring women can use these dress.

Here you will find casual dresses short day sex, elegant, very young models and very bright colors.

They are dressed very beautiful styles that will serve to make you look even more feminine at any moment.

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Casual Shorts Dresses for Young People

Currently, there are an infinite number of design and styles of short dresses. Today short casual dresses are trendy, non-classic dresses, times have changed and you can choose some of these short dresses for any event.

It is very important that shoes that we use combined with the short dress to give enhancement to the dress you chose and make you feel at your best.

For the girls who have an appointment to have the coffee, visit your friend, pick up the dry cleaning clothes or passing by the supermarket, I recommend you to use short casual dresses since these are fresh, simple and they can be combined with elements such as a low shoes or even a few tennis.

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TomTom Watches Review

TomTom was the first to use the reading technology directly from the wrist pulse rate with optical sensors, no longer need to wear an elastic band around the chest heart (which can be annoying if you do a lot of kilometers by bike or racing ). When it came out last year, more than one of the purists running has turned their noses. Accustomed to heart bands and complicated watches, the TomTom Runner Cardio looked like a toy. Too simple, they said, it will not be as precise as Garmin and Polar. After the clock dedicated to the race now comes the TomTom Multi Sport Cardio.

Which costs 30 euro more, and is designed for triathletes, for those swims, rides a bike and runs. Well, I tried the Cardio Multi Sport in the water and running, again with another traditional device with Heart Rate Monitor: The TomTom is very precise. The pulsations are the same as found by the heart rate monitor of the “traditional” devices. Very simple to use with a mouse-button on the bracelet and with a large display easy to see in all conditions. Very good example for people exercising in the pool and must rely tanks. Has a number of advanced features (also it has the swolf, introduced by Garmin for the first time, which measures the efficiency of the stroke). Perfect for those who want the wrist a precise and reliable aid for sports seriously and did not want to go crazy every time with the keys, updates on PCs and too complicated functions. Also nice to see and take in the life of every day thanks to its lightness and to the colored straps that can easily replace, available on the cheap. In the box in addition to the solid device to connect the device to the PC through the USB port, there is also a “cuff” of soft rubber that can be mounted on the handlebars of a racing bike or a mountain bike by inserting the TomTom display Multi Sport. Highly recommended for sports-conscious performance and monitor your heart that do not have time to fiddle around too much with updates and PC. It starts and you go. The TomTom Multi Sport Cardio costs 299 Euros (269 Euros until
30 July 2015, with the reimbursement offered by the manufacturer against the corresponding entry in a race). Materials: 10 Comfort: 10 Functions: 9 Design:10 Quality / price: 9 Read more

Long Party Dresses for Plus size

Long prom dresses for plus size are really comfortable and elegant for use at any party you are going.

So you can see that model or design of dress should be used to go to a party, I advise you to read Naturegnosis.

In this article I’ll talk about a few modern and elegant prom dresses long for all women plus size.

If you get to see your body, you must realize that there is always something that you can highlight: your breasts or your legs are a good choice.

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