Definition of OPA

The Royal Spanish Academy gives as a definition for the adjective as a disparaging slang in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay “fool, idiot”.

The concept of the interjection is equivalent to hop (upa in Argentina) and is used “to encourage someone to get up or lift something. Children use it especially when they want to raise them in arms”.

Add that it is also used as interjection to the greeting, in Uruguay. And lengthening vowels used in Uruguay and Argentina, when a person it is surprising a notice or a gift.

Within the scope of the right, it is an acronym for “public offering aimed at members of a quoted company in stock market by offering them the acquisition of their shares on terms and conditions”.

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Samsung Makes Advertising Face Obama with Selfie

Samsung could advertise with a number of Hollywood sizes located on the famous Oscar Selfie. Now it goes a step further: US President Barack Obama is the star of the latest Samsung sponsored self portraits. It has recorded baseball star David Ortiz, who denies a marketing agreement, however.

Ortiz published the spontaneous self portrait with Obama via Twitter, where Samsung shortly afterwards grabbed it and further spread. Pointing out the used device is saved but the company and provided to this information only in response to Twitter questions: it was the Galaxy note 3, which used also Ellen DeGeneres for her Oscar Selfie. While Samsung itself is decorated with the photo, baseball star Ortiz denied that the snapshot with Obama was denied.

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The Menthal App Helps Fight Cell Phone Addiction

Do You Have the Cell Phone Addiction? Test It with the Menthal App!

Do you know how many times you actually uses your mobile phone on the day? With the Menthal app, you can find out how often you really use your Smartphone on the day and whether even the cell phone addiction has affected you.

Whether email messages, Whatsapp or Facebook – many use your Smartphone all the time and show symptoms of cell phone addiction this quite, because they can imagine hardly a life or even a short walk out the door without your Smartphone. The fact is: only a few know how much time they actually use with your Smartphone. But when you actually speaks of a cell phone addiction? Menthal app, which was developed by researchers of the University of Bonn, and you can download friends for free on the net, you find out how many times you actually uses your mobile phone on the day and whether one can speak with you about a cell phone addiction.

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iPhone 5S Outsells Every Other iPhone

iPhone 5S iPhone is the Most Popular Ever

According to the latest analysis, the iPhone 5 S is the most successful smartphone from Apple – it sold around the world better than any other iPhone in front of him.

An analysis of Fiksu comes to the conclusion that this better than any previous generation of the Apple Smartphone sells iPhone 5 S. So the Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn for Apple have made already more capacities for the construction of the smartphones available, yet the delivery period of the iPhone is 5s always up to 14 Tage.Die analysis of Fiksu also shows that since the lauch of the iPhone 5S a far higher proportion of the total use of the operating system iOS on this Smartphone goes back as was the case for example with the iPhoner 5 at the same time last year. So the iPhone 5 had a Nutzungssanteil of 6.94 percent of the iOS already 69 days after the launch, the iPhone 5 s’s were almost 8 percent after 69 days, whereas the iPhone 5 C, which had same Leek date as the iPhone 5 S, managed only to 2.78 percent.

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Swimming Cap Guide

Did you know that swimming is one of the most complete health of body and mind exercises? It is shown that swimming has a myriad of benefits and improving quality of life. For this reason experts recommend this sport both children and adults.

We care about your well – being and are happy to help you complete your gym bag  with the best accessories. We always go to the last and do not miss any details when you go swimming. Read on and discover the benefits of swimming cap!


TRUCKER POOL: Como pez en el agua

Enumerating each and every one of the advantages of us swimming is a very difficult task, since they are so many that we occupy pages and pages. Furthermore, just to name the most important and we want to point us to the nearest pool to our house as soon as possible to benefit from all their profits as soon as possible.

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Modern Dresses for Girls

Modern dresses that are currently trendy are the ones like all women in general, not only because it allows them to look very beautiful, full of sensuality, comfortable and dazzling, but has certain celebrations and occasions in which a woman wants to be more beautiful ever, able to be that when you need to go as a guest for any special celebration as a wedding , dinner special or better than in any celebration where you’ll be the main attraction, for example, for the celebration of the feast of 15 years.

So if it is that you it’s a special celebration where you will be the protagonist, is to say that it is your celebration of 15 years, for which you have to wear a dress beautiful and elegant to make you dazzle sensuality and beauty at all times, so that you are all a Queen or a Princess of this important celebration that have it sure will remember it forever and where start a new stage of your life.

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The Galaxy There are Rated 3 in Small

Galaxy Note 3 Lite is Presented in February

The Samsung Galaxy touch 3 is the most successful Samsung Smartphone of the note series. And it looks like a slimmed-down, smaller version of Korean best-selling smartphones on the market could come soon: the Galaxy note 3 Lite – this say at least Insider. The website has stated that Samsung touch 3 for the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2014 plans a Lite version of its successful smart phones Galaxy. The mini version of the Galaxy note 3 will come out probably among other things with a smaller display. The small Galaxy note 3 Lite has the model SM-N7505. It will be available in black and white and come out with a 5.5-inch LCD display with a 8.8-mega pixel camera – Sammobile has said all the information by an insider. The model name and the display size of the Galaxy 3 Lite Touch was also previously by the Indian R & D service provider chattering Samsung itself there was yet no opinion on the Smartphone Galaxy note 3 Lite. If and when note there to buy 3 Lite in Germany the Galaxy, is therefore equally unclear as the price of the Smartphone. According to the latest rumors the Galaxy will be presented note but 3 Lite to the mobile Word Congress in February. As mentioned here recently, there will be the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 probably at about the same time. We may be curious…

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Nokia Lumia 930: Fotoleak Shows Colored Metal Frames

The Nokia Lumia 930 will be officially announced on April 19. Now it is for the first time on an image to see it from leak expert Evan Nelson BLASS (@evleaks) was made in the network: to recognize not only the different colors, in which the Windows phone will be having are.

The image that Mr. pale has provided via Twitter on the Web, shows the shell of the Lumia 930 in light green, orange, white and black, as well as the front running MS Windows phone operating system. A small but significant detail on the back, which can quickly escape careless observers: The logo of Nokia’s powerful PureView camera series.

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Huawei Honor Spotted 6 Plus With Dual Camera In China

Two eyes see more than one: the Huawei honor 6 plus has surfaced on the Web site of the Chinese regulatory authority, TEENA and shows up with a dual camera on the back. This is Huawei following 6 manufacturers such as HTC, which already employs two lenses in the HTC one M8 with the larger Variant of the honor.

As the TEENA record according to slash gear, to be the dual camera on the back of the Huawei honor 6 plus 8-megapixel shots in the location. Noticeable with the scanned images of honor 6 plus is that the cameras are the same size and directly next to each other. Which features enabling the dual camera system, can still not say. For example, recordings with 3D effect would be possible. While Huawei so obviously took HTC in camera technology to the lines, the Chinese company is based both in the name of honor 6-successor as well as the size of the display on the Apple’s competitors.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Is Based On The iPhone 6 Plus

Not only remembered the name of the Chinese manufacturer inevitably on Apple’s updates top unit, with 5.5 inch falls the display of honor 6 plus also equal out like on the iPhone 6 plus. Inside, the two devices are of course completely different. So has the Huawei honor 6 plus over a 1.8 GHz-octa-core processor, 3 GB of RAM to the side there is the. The internal 32GB-Speicher can be expanded via micro SD card 64 GB and dissolves the large display with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Huawei’s new Phablet is officially launched end of 2014. There is no information about the exact release date so far still and also it is so far unclear whether and when the device could come to Germany.

iCloud: Photo Upload Now Also Via The Web Page Possible

The iCloud clutter one of the innovations of iOS 8.1, has a new feature: you can upload now to the computer via pictures, then with your iPhone and other associated devices are synchronized.

On with your Apple ID log in and click on the photos icon, you’ll get more recently right above an “upload” button displayed. It wasn’t there before – and it isn’t even yet always, if you you go to the video album. Apple has tested the Web uploads to the iCloud clutter according to 9to5Mac already some weeks on the beta website before the feature now also on the regular iCloud page was made available. Video uploads does not work but also on the beta page.

Step By Step From Beta To Full Version

The iCloud clutter is still in public beta, so it is not surprising, if functionality is missing. The service is available since updating to iOS 8.1 nationwide on iPhone and co., the associated Web app briefly earlier went to the network, a new photos app for the Mac to follow. The iCloud clutter synchronized automatically all your photos and videos with iCloud, and from there directly to all linked devices – if the feature under “settings |” iCloud | Photos”is enabled.

iCloud Photo Upload Now Also Via The Web Page Possible

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