10 Trends To Rock The Holidays (And What To Bring In The Bag of Summer)

To the happiness of many, the summer came. With him, dreams of drinks on the seafront, dips in swimming pools, feet in the sand, walking outdoors and plenty of rest … or hype. Regardless of your style of holiday, whether long or short, whether officers or just that “quick getaway” by the weekend, it’s time to pack lighter of the year. This task is not always easy, after all, we want to take the items more, isn’t it? With that in mind, we decided to give you a little help and compile this season’s trends that will make good on any trip. Spy.


With the fashion of the year 1980 revisitation, the play returned to make nice in the most coveted sands of the world. Bet, especially in versions with stamped and/or phrases more dug on the sides, known as hang gliding, in the style of the season – here, know that the risk of error is equivalent to dog food, therefore, redouble attention. Oh! The suits also function as bodies and can be used with pants, skirts, short shorts and kimonos. Looks great!


Often used in sports environments since the years 1970 when Adidas created the most famous version, the Adilette, this Lowlife with a rubber sole and wide strip that can be considered the younger version of the German press Birkenstocks (this, created in 1966) is the model of the time. You find the slide in a variety of colors and materials, the accompanying Beach looks to those who fall well with jeans and shirt deconstructed. Must have!


The mules came along to the revival of the years 1990 and, in your version with jump, did the head of the most tuned last winter. Now the model Darling is the flat, a lot more relaxed, practical and comfortable. Tip: the coolest are the most “caretinhas”, with buckles and seams and fine nozzles or square, as did the Gucci.


They’re everywhere! You can find the PomPoms penduradinhos in handbags, sandals, necklaces, earrings, and where you want. The supercoloridos are the face of this summer.


The frills are the charm of the season, but I don’t imagine anything romantic. In summer 2017, they come structured and printing texture and movement to minimalist and asymmetric parts. Frill in Valley, on the dress and tops that are part desire among the stylish.

Striped Ciganinha

The tendency of white and blue stripes joined the tops shoulder to shoulder and created a play desire: the striped ciganinha. The play, which has a scent of the French riviera, look great with jeans, with blank tiles, with tailoring or even look combined, i.e. + stripe stripe.


The necklace still in full force this summer. In most versions levinhas than the winter, are the ideal accessory to give that up in any look basiquinho.

Embroidered jeans

Fewer patches, more embroidery. Decorative trends for parts in jeans remain, but now instead of fun applications, thinner, sophisticated embroidered with flowers, stars and other symbols.

Pleated skirt

Mainly in their metallic versions and MIDI, pleated skirts continue to be the model of the moment. Stay beautiful with shirt, shirt, body, slider, mule, anyway, are perfect to create creative combinations with several parts. Essential in the trunk!

Pajama pants

Squishy and large moulds fabrics, these pants will make your head because they are extremely comfortable and practical. Tip: they fall very well with that swimsuit that indicate there at the beginning.