Polo Ralph Lauren: Prints Succeed in Its New Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

The new collection of Polo Ralph Lauren for the season Spring-summer 2011 It brings many new features compared to the previous years neither nor differs much from other collections which always have been characterized by a creative line quite while Polo Ralph Lauren as they can be Tommy Hilfiger or Hackett London, But what is certain is that this year special importance is given to the prints in all the outfits that, combined with the preppy style that characterizes him makes the entire collection to respect an old school very interesting but nothing innovative air. Read more

Viaggio Notturno: The Debut of Bottega Veneta in The Fashion Films

Increasingly, firms that are committed to introducing in their advertising campaigns more about art and design through audiovisual campaigns which, due to their quality and their taxiways, are catalogued more like short films than advertisements. It was the case, for example, the campaign of Frank Miller under the orders of Gucci for your fragrance Guilty, the recent film of Chanel with Natalie Portman as main face, the Hilfiger family in its spring-summer season. Read more

The Best Street Style of The Week (LVII)

We are moving forward as each Monday with the Street-Styles of the week, where we choose some of the best looks that we have seen on the street and analyze them to then offer them and that can thus choose and take ideas to get your own looks. Because one thing is clear: it has good taste and style, but the only way to educate, improve it and perfect it is observing and learning increasingly new ways give a twist to everything that we have before us. The key is to offer something fresh, imaginative, innovative and elegant, no easy task. Read more

Massimo Dutti: Great Ideas for The Looks of Every Day

We continue with the idea of exploit the ad and the outfits of the season throughout the month to take advantage of the garments of the collections and also to bring new ideas to consumers about how to build their sets, apparel product and ideas on how to combine them, with what colours, which complements… we are going, making the difficult task but in their own way they try to sneak the turn going looking more for the other two who would have you believe that they are essential for getting the most out. Read more

H & M Are Pointing Somewhat with His Collection ‘Night’ for The Season Spring-Summer 2011

It’s H & M This year is something spectacular. He said that you he will try to offer a product that is different and more diversified (among other things to deal with the monster Inditex) and for the moment not going astray. One of its more aggressive trading strategies is the continuous offer of capsule collections included in its spring-summer 2011 season (Conscious Collection, Spring Awakening, H & M Fashion Against AIDS) result of this is the ‘Night’ collection which has just marked and which at least promises fresh air and creative lines original for what is it supposed to be a Mini-lookbook on ideas for party dress. Read more

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