Ice Cream Sandwich, Was Seen The Next Version of Android

During the past Google I/O told us that the next version of Android for mobile and tablet, Ice Cream Sandwich, would come with the new Nexus for end of the year. A few days ago jumped the Rumor This date was going to ahead of October, so get ahead of the presentation of the future iPhone 5 Apple and win expectancy. The rumors are that, so we cannot confirm that this will be so, but this time what if we are going to show some photos ‘ steal & #8217; of what will be Ice Cream Sandwich. Read more

Is Android Not as Open as You Thought

If a positive point is Android It’s usually Open, Since being licensed Apache 2.0 y GNU GPL 2 We can access its contents, but the philosophy of open source is not only to see the program, modify it to taste, redistribute it and send your proposals for development to be taken into account.

In a recent study of Vision Mobile has been compared the degree of freedom of Android with the of other free software projects like Linux, Symbian (before it closed), MeeGo and Eclipse, among others, and Android comes out as well as you might think in an open source project. Read more

Is Nokia One of The Older Contributors Android Code?

Or at least that is what indicates a study carried out by Luis Canas Diaz, project worker Libresoft the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. Thanks to the help of mail used by the developers of Android, which are stored in a repository, a list has been able to generate with the major contributors to the Android code, with some other surprise.

It goes without saying that the mails with and our site domains are used by the team of Google, this corresponding to 89% of contributions to the Android code. This leaves 11% in which we can find companies like Intel, Motorola or Sony Ericsson, but we also find a big surprise, Nokia is the fifth contributor most important in raising our little green, so incredible as it sounds. Below is the complete list. Read more

Android 2.3.4 Could Offer Video Calls on Gtalk

Already missing less less than 2 weeks start in San Francisco the Google I/o 2011 where Google will count us future plans about Android and the Web, but it seems that that will not have to wait that long to go knowing some that another novelty.

It seems that at last you can be video calls between users from Gmail with Gtalk, as well MAFiA303, a Twitter user who says work confirms this with Samsung who says having her hands version of Android 2.3.4 with the new version of GTalk. Read more

Google Presents Google Talk with Support for Video Conference through The Next Update to Android Gingerbread 2.3.4

Google has just announced that we will have update to Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 in the coming weeks. Along with this update, in addition to correct failures very present between Android 2.3.3 and the Nexus S/One, include recently commented and expected support for video conferencing through Google Talk, application star courier.

With this move Google is an application that will shadow the rest of messaging services available, with full integration of text, audio and video conference talks. In your contacts list you will see the availability of services, i.e. If they can attend a video call or if they are only for voice calls. If you want to write something you can follow the conversation of text without interrupting the current call. Read more

SuperOneClick Is Updated with Support for Gingerbread

Within the multiple options that exist for rooting your Android phone possibly SuperOneClick It is one of the more useful options for your great compatibility and by its ease of use, although they miss native support for Mac and Linux.

With the official update of Android 2.3 Gingerbread fixed the hole that took advantage of the application to grant root privileges. However this has not meant a hurdle to its developers who have already launched a update that allows root devices with this firmware. Read more

Andy Rubin Clarifies The Position of Google with Honeycomb and Code Source

The father of Android, Andy Rubin, has come to the passage of the rumors saying that Google It has blocked access to the source code for Android. The official Android Developers blog has left a statement of intent which, first of all, indicates that Google has not changed its strategy in the way it treats the manufacturers of original equipment, modifications or hardware.

Our focus has not changed: there are no blockages or restrictions against customized user interfaces. There is not, and never has been, any effort to standardize the platform or any architecture chipset. Read more

Android 4.0 Ice Cream, The Android Who Unify Tablets and Mobile?

Many rumors are about of Android 4.0 Ice Cream, but really little is known. The latest rumors suggest that this version of Android will be which unifies the three branches that exist nowadays, mobile (Gingerbread), tablets (Honeycomb) and Google TV.

In addition, according to these rumors we will have an official announcement in little more than one month, coinciding with the Google I/O that will be held on 10 and 11 may in San Francisco and which we hope to many interesting innovations. Read more

Getting Started with Android: The Notifications Bar

When started us in Android the large amount of icons that appear in the notification bar You can apabullar us, but quiet we will try to explain in what consist and what is made up, above all for the most novice.

We can distinguish two places where notifications are located: one is the right hand side (composed by notifications of network, battery which are most linked to the system) and the other in the left area (applications and supported incoming notices of a drop-down panel where you can see a brief description of the event and directly access the event. Read more

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